+++ 20.10.2011 +++

Due to health issues and because of his stressful job, our drummer Christian, founding member of the band,  has decided to leave UnscareD after more than 10 years. He also didn’t want to play live gigs anymore. We’re still friends with him and wish him all the best for his future – stay heavy!

+++ 23.08.2011 +++

Thrash Is Dead – that’s the title of the upcoming UnscareD album which is our first record since 2004.

The tracklist:

1. Mo(sh)zart’s Overture
2. Rites Of Hate
3. Back To The Reactor
4. Thrash Is Dead
5. Lost Indulgence
6. Party At The Toxic Dump
7. Fight Back
8. No Escape
9. Digital Headbanger
10. Suicide Commando
11. A.I.K.
12. Rise & Fall

The title track is available via our Player and under Downloads.

+++ 09.11.2010 +++

Hey folks,   it’s nearly the end of the year and we’re still putting the last finishing touches on our new album. 80% of the guitar solos are recorded and we’re also working hard on the cover- and booklet art of the new CD. Perhaps you’re all lucky and there will be a brand new thrashing CD under the christmas tree. Otherwise you can pick up our new disc in  January 2011 for sure. We’ll inform you about the release on this page and on the Myspace profiles of Pino (Heavy Drinker) and Christian (Rawker).   We wish you all a nice christmas and a happy new year.

+++ 07.06.2010 +++

First update in 2010: The mix for the new record is finished by 99% and our expectations are more than fully met! With quiet some delay we’re currently doing the lead guitars while starting with the design of the cover artwork. Keep your fingers crossed that the 666 days that this monster of a production seems to last by now will soon be over and that we’ll be able to release the 2nd Unscared full-length album a.s.a.p.!

+++ 30.12.2009 +++

Great news from the recording front: Bass und rhythm guitars are finished up to 95% and we are very pleased with the results so far. Next year we’ll be starting with doing vokills and lead guitars and after the thing has got a badass mix, it should come out on time with the 10th anniversary of UnscareD! UnscareD wish all headbangers a heavy new year 2010, year of the 10th UnscareD anniversary!

+++ 19.07.2009 +++

On August 8th, 2009, UnscareD will enter the studio (erm… rehearsal room) and start recoding the next full-length! Five years went by since Mosh Attack in 2004 and it’s time for a killer record with the new line up. For news about the recordings, keep checking out our homepage – stay tuned!

+++ 09.12.2008 +++

We’ll headline one evening of the 
Raging Death Date 2009 on April 11th & 12th 2009.
The festival wil take place in Neustadt (Orla) near Jena / Gera
and there’ll be some great bands.
For more information and the flyer, check Live!