Waldpark XV done!

Thanks to you all of you who showed up and to Becht & friends for giving us the opportunity to play the first gig after 11 years off stage – you rock! See you next year!

Update 03.11.: Thanks to Henn for the fotos – you rock!

+++ 16.01.2014 +++

First post in 2014: UnscareD wish a happy new year to all metal maniacs and we are happy to announce that we are a complete four-piece again. Since a few months Wiegand, who has been a long time UnscareD supporter and friend of the band, handles the vocal duties – so be prepared for the most serious kick-ass version of UnscareD ever seen.

WiegandCurrently we are heavily in rehearsal mode and prepare for our first live gig since 2006 and some small special project… – so stay tuned!


+++ 23.05.2013 +++

After 6 years of shouting for UnscareD, Pino decided to leave the band due to private circumstances. Pino already decided to quit in the beginning of 2013. We still have a good relationship and want to thank Pino for the good time and especially for his superb performance on out latest record.

Things keeping changing and we’re happy to announce that Michael from Cast Away sits behind the drum kit since beginning of this year, see Band. We keep rehearsing roughly about two times a month and hope to be able to return to the stage again.

So watch out for more news and check out our latest release Thrash Is Dead which you can order on the Shop or listen to some songs on YouTube / the Media page.

+++ 15.04.2012 +++

Finally, we are proud to announce that the first UnscareD record since 2004 is now available for buying:

For us, this record is the most diverse UnscareD album up to now, combining lots of influences into 12 unique songs which have been recorded with the best sound that an UnscareD CD ever had. Looking back at 2009 when we started with the production, we can say that we had a lot of fun, gained a lot of experience and think that the result simply kicks ass – so visit the Shop to order your copy today!

The tracklist:

1. Mo(sh)zart’s Overture [1:19]
2. Rites Of Hate [2:55]
3. Back To The Reactor [4:20]
4. Thrash Is Dead [1:53]
5. Lost Indulgence [4:33]
6. Party At The Toxic Dump [3:25]
7. Fight Back [2:51]
8. No Escape [4:26]
9. Digital Headbanger [1:20]
10. Suicide Commando [6:17]
11. A.I.K. [3:54]
12. Rise & Fall [7:43]

The title track is available for listening under Media.